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Link: A Day in Paris.

I found a great post on  A Day in Paris about bagging groceries.  Started to write a comment and realized it was turning into a post.

Here in the Aude life moves slowly.  The cashier won’t start serving the next person in line until the current person has all their groceries bagged.  Doesn’t seem to bother anyone.  Except me.  I’m still not used to it.  I hate standing there trying to get stuff into bags that won’t open and seeing all those people behind me.

I hate even more being one of those people behind someone who’s taking forever to pay and pack up.

So now I have a system.  I put my groceries on the belt in the order that I want to put them in the bags.  No soap with the meat.  Soft fruit on top, sturdy fruit and veg on the bottom.  You know, the grocery rules.  I assume these are universal grocery rules, not just one of those things my mother told me.

While I’m in line, there’s always a line, I get out my chequebook, write the date and the store in the register and put my pen and debit card in that page.  When it’s time to pay I write the amount in my cheque register while I wait for the debit card to be authorized.  And while I’m making sure the tomatoes are on top of the carrots.  I may be the only person in the world who actually writes debit card stuff in her cheque register.

Some things just scream for a system.  Hanging out laundy for instance.   We have a clothesline.  This is my first clothesline as an adult.  I discovered that it was so easy to fold and put away clothes if I hung them in some sort of order on the line.  I now hang the socks next to each other, the underwear next to each other, and so on.  I can hear my daughter reading this and saying "Oooh Ma, way too anal!"  In my defence, I remember my grandmother doing the same thing.  I guess anal is a genetic pre-disposition.  I did briefly consider hanging each sock next to it’s mate but decided that would take more time than it saved.  And was sort of crazy.  Even thinking about it was sort of crazy.

Back to groceries… Not all grocery clerks are slow and laid-back.  At LIDL they’re all speed demons.  And nice.  Not only do they not bag groceries there, you have to take your own bag.  Or buy one.  I try and go there at least once every two weeks so I can up my bagging speed.

If you’d like some instructions about grocery shopping in France read this article from Americans in France.

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