Cats and dogs

We live in a small house on a domaine in the Corbieres.  Somehow we’ve ended up with 3 cats and 2 dogs.  I understand about the cats.  The dogs are still a surprise to me.  I didn’t think I was a dog person.

We’re renovating, slowly.  Very slowly.  The back door doesn’t quite touch the floor because we haven’t put in the floor yet.  It has a series of little arch-like openings between the door and the floor.  It’s been cold lately so I have an old bedspread that I put in front of the arches to cut down on the draft.

I just went downstairs to get a drink.  There was the biggest mouse I’ve ever seen sitting on top of the cupboard.  I hope it was a mouse.  It couldn’t have been a rat!  I think that the mice think the openings under are door are golden arches and come in for some fast food.

Here’s my question.  What are the cats and dogs doing?  Can’t they see, hear, smell the mice?  Why aren’t they catching them?  Do they think being cute is enough? 

If there were spiders coming in then we’d get the floor done in a hurry.  Mark’s afraid of spiders.  He’s not afraid of mice so I doubt that this is going to be a motivator.

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  1. Fanny says:

    Hi, it is really funny to read this post. I am a Belgian girl who live in the US right now (I moved a year and a half ago) and for me it is still strange to have people packing stuff for me at the supermarket! I always take my own bags, because I don't like wasting plastic, but above all because I am used to it! I grew up in Switzerland where you alwasy have to pay for your bags if you don't bring one!

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