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I was doing some research on keywords for Mark’s Aude real estate site – Aude France Property – and noticed how many times people search on ‘cheap french property for sale’.  It made me wonder, what’s cheap?

If you’re brave you can buy property in the Aude for about 25,000 euros.  It’ll Renoneed a lot of work but there are certainly properties for sale in that price range.  Cheap, you bet!  But you have to think about the renovation costs.  They could be as high as 170,000 euros, depends on whether you need a new roof and on how much work you can do yourself.  Not cheap.

ConquesMark has a house for sale near Carcassonne for 77,000 euros.  It’s in Conques-sur-Orbeil, a lovely village, and is ready to move into.  I think that’s cheap.  Why?  Because although you could do work on it you don’t have to.  Even though it doesn’t have a garden it’s on a cul-de-sac with no vehicular traffic.  You can set up table, chairs and barbeque right outside.  Given the scarcity of houses with gardens this is a great option at a great price.  Conques has shops and a couple of cafes so you don’t even have to drive anywhere.

I have a friend selling a house in Talairan near Lagrasse.  It’s completely Talairanterrace renovated, has a roof terrace and a garden just down the road.  It’s fully furnished.  Talairan is has a cafe and a shop and bakery and is only about 5 minutes from St Laurent and 10 minutes from Lagrasse.  She’s selling the house privately and is asking 135,000 euros.  Cheap.

Why?  It has a terrace so you have outdoor space.  There is a garden, just not attached to the house.  It’s fully furnished and completely renovated, you just move in.  There are shops and a bar in the village so you can actually live the universal French fantasy of walking to the boulangerie to get croissants in the morning. It’s in the Corbieres, in my opinion the most beautiful part of the Aude. 

My conclusion is that a cheap house in France really depends on what you want.  And, of course, on how much money you have to spend.

There are some other properties for sale in the Aude that are included in the blog.  Click on Aude property listings under  categories on the left.  There are also more properties listed at Aude France Property.

E-mail me if you’d like to know more about these three properties.

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  1. Carol Kearney says:

    please would you put me on your mailing list we are looking for a renovation project in Aude or the surrounding area's,
    Mrs Carol Kearney
    24, Stalybridge Road, Mottram, Cheshire
    SK14 6NE

  2. v taylor says:

    My husband has just got a job in Lagrasse,and we are looking for a long term let(min one year) with an option to extend.
    I was wondering if you would know of any houses available?
    I hope you dont mind me e-mailing you,
    Kind regards,
    Victoria Taylor

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