So it probably had to happen, I think I have flu.  (lots of sympathetic murmurs heard in the background)

BUT – before I continue, a moment of wild synchronicity.  I just posted a comment on Alison May’s blog – Brocante Home.  I mean just.  Seconds ago.  I then logged on here to post and link to to her post – Saturday from Hell.  My e-mail programmed dinged and when I looked it was Alison posting a comment on my entry about the apartment we rented in Paris.  Spooky.  I think she must have been posting to my blog at the VERY SAME MINUTE that I was posting to hers.  (Sorry Meg, it seemed to call for caps)

The image on her post is wonderful.  It sums up how I want to spend my time right now, except with a diet cola instead of tea.  I’d pull the bag thing down lower over my head too.  And I have jammies on.  Other than that, me to a T.

Mark is at a dinner party.  I’m moving between the chair near the fire, my desk, and the bathroom.  Times like this I find myself wishing for junky North American television.  I could watch decorating and renovating shows on The Home Network.

Maybe I’ll kick the animals off the bed and go to sleep.

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  1. Alison says:

    That is wild! Just goes to show great minds think alike…

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