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One thing about selling real estate in the Aude – and anywhere in France, I imagine, – is that it’s easy to predict when people are going to come to look for property.  Just look at the UK school schedules.  Everyone comes at half-term.

I haven’t even looked at the dates yet but I know there’s a half-term around February 20th because I’m getting e-mails from people saying that they’ll be here for three days – or 5 days, or however many days – and want to view houses.  You can tell if people know the area at all because they’ll have a specific location in mind, around Limoux, near Lagrasse, close to Carcassonne.  If they haven’t been here before they just say we want to look at property in the Aude.

The Aude is beautiful, all of it, but there are differences between the various areas.  The Corbieres is a combination of garrique and vineyards, hilly country that’s almost but not quite mountainous.  Villages are small and further apart than in the Minervois.  Not a lot of villages with amenities like cafes, bakeries, or grocery stores.

The Minervois is also wine country but geographically so different.  It’s in the plain between the Alaric Mountains and the Montagnes Noir.  The villages are bigger and most of them have amenities of some kind. 

The Razes, which I always think of as the area between Carcassonne, Limoux, and Mirepois, has more rolling hills, fewer vines, more sheep.  Completely different geography than the Corbieres or the Minervois.

They’re all lovely and they all have something specials to offer but they’re not all for everyone.  It’s why I suggest that instead of trying to view houses as soon as people arrive they spend some time exploring.  Drive around, get out of the car and walk through villages.  Find the area that really makes your heart sing.  Then look for a house.

If you’re thinking about looking for real estate in the Aude this year try and pick a time that isn’t a UK school holiday.  That way real estate agents will have more time to spend with you. 

You can always call us – +33 (0)468.24.02.94 or e-mail us for more information about ‘good’ times to look for property in the Aude.  We can even help you plan your exploring.

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  1. paddy says:

    I really like your writing. This is going to sound weird but I love how well structured your paragraphs are. Everything is grammatically correct, and your blog is this cool mix of personal and professional writing. If you're anything like mainja it takes you all of three minutes to whip entries like this off – two minutes if you weren't doing two other things at the same time.

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