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The winter sales started today in Carcassonne and I assume all over France.  There are two sales times here, January and July.  I think both last for about three weeks.  Markdowns seem to range from 10% to 50%.  I seem to remember reading that they can’t go any lower than 50% but am not sure if that’s true.

I had no idea that the fist days of the sales was such an event.  No school on Wednesday so there were mothers taking their children into stores to get clothes and shoes.  They all looked like they were having a good time.

An even better time was being had by women shopping on their own or in pairs.  Some of them could hardly stand upright under their burdens of bags and packages.  They really needed someone to walk behind them carrying their treasures.  It was like Julia Roberts shopping in Pretty Woman.

I had met a friend for lunch.  Neither of us realized the importance of the first day of the sales.  After lunch we walked around for a bit and then .. went shopping!  Lisa got a pair of pants, 50% off.  I got a pair of shoes.  As if I can really afford shoes right now.

It was a gorgeous afternoon so we stopped for coffee – outside.  One of the really good things about living in the south of France.  Fabulous January days when you can still have coffee outside. 

At the next table a woman was showing a man her loot.  Out of one bag came a blouse, ok but kind of ho hum.  The next bag, a black jacket.  Nice enough.  She reached into the third bag and pulled out a black lace thong, held it up and then turned it around so that her companion could see the back and the front.  It was gorgeous. Then she saw me watching her.  She looked absolutely horrified.  Stuffed the thong back in the bag.  I was grinning, so was the man with her (maybe not for the same reason?) but she didn’t smile at all.  I did the thumb and forefinger circle thing.  Nice! She smiled a tiny embarrassed smile. And then pulled a matching bra out of the bag.

Mark has a nice post about learning to shop in France.  Me, I can shop anywhere, never need lessons.

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