The apartment we rented in Paris

We rented a terrific apartment in Paris.  This is the 4th time I’ve rented and this one was the best, a definite keeper.  Actually it’s two apartments, a studio and a one-bedroom that can be rented together to make a two-bedroom apartment.

Studioandterrace_1The studio apartment with it terrace.  A lovely little courtyard terrace, complete with a light and a plug.  I have no idea why these images are so small, I’ll have to check when I’m not so tired. (I checked – it’s because these are thumbnails.  You can click on them and get a larger image.  Feeling a little dumb!)

The apartment is in a building on a quiet street about a block from the intersection of rue Oberkampf and Blvd de Menilmontant in the 11th arrondissement.  Not an area I knew at all.  It’s very vibrant, there are terrific restaurants on rue Oberkampf, good bus and metro service, a 5 minute walk to Pere Lachaise, and a big Friday market.

Studiobedroom This is so small you can hardly see it but it’s the bed in the studio.  There are beautiful classic balck and white photos of Paris in both apartments.

ApartmentlivingroomBoth the living room and the bedroom in the one-bedroom apartment have fireplaces, decorative but oh so lovely.  Nice big windows too.

Bedroomfireplace And books, tons of books.  Lots of Paris guidebooks, novels, and an interesting collection of books about Paris history and architecture.

And there’s a TV and VCR in the apartment and a TV and DVD player in the studio, just in case you  have some spare time.  You never know! 

We had a lovely stay.  We’ll go back.  Soon, I hope.

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3 Responses to The apartment we rented in Paris

  1. Jason Stone says:

    I am told that rue Oberkampf is the new, hip and trendy area. Whatever that means. But, I do like all of the restaurants and bars on rue Oberkampf.

    Sounds like you guys had two great apartments. That always makes the stay away from home much more pleasant.

  2. Auntie M says:

    I dream of an outdoor terrace…In my next Paris life, I guess.

  3. Alison says:

    Sam, your apartment looks heavenly. Oh to be in your shoes…
    Take Care Honey.


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