This winter in the Aude

It’s been so cold for the past week that I’ve been feeling like I’ll never get warm again.  Our house isn’t cold-proofed.  There’s still a hole in the roof where we took out a chimney, there’s a hole in the door that has turned into the cat door and so has to stay, the windows are old and single glazed, and the back door doesn’t reach the floor.  We don’t have central heating, we barely have heating.  A big fireplace in the bedroom, an electric radiator in my office, a portable gas heater and another portable radiator downstairs.  That’s it.

The temperatures have been hovering around the +/-0 mark.  Not too bad until you factor in the wind then it feels like -15.  I hate winter, cold winter.  I always have.  When I was a kid my mother would bundle me up in a million layers and put me outside to play.  I’d stand at the door sobbing and pleading to come back inside. 

When I complain about the cold here people always say, you’re Canadian, you must be used to it.  Huh?  As if I’d be in a house with no central heating and a hole in the roof in Canada in the winter.  Did I mention that my car has no heater?

Where was I going with this?  Oh, snow.  This is our 4th winter here and the most snow we ever had was the year before last when it snowed at night and lasted on the ground until after lunch.

Until last week.  Not that there was a huge volume but it didn’t go away.  There was snow in the hills around us and on the roofs of all the buildings.  The sun finally came out on Thursday and most of it melted but on Friday there were still little patches of snow where it was shady.

IcyslushOn Saturday we went to list a house in a village in the Montagne Noire.  It’s about 40 km north of us.  It was a sunny day and the road was icy slushy.  At one point we met a van coming down so Mark backed up a bit to let it past.  It was the bakery can and the woman driving looked absolutely terrified.  The expression on her face makes me think that snowy roads aren’t the norm even in the mountains.

I have to admit I was a tad nervous, the van has summer tires.  Mark said not to worry, we have chains.  Cool.  I really want to be on an icy hill trying to maneuver  chains on to the van.

LeavingtourettesWe came down the mountain on a different road, obviously the one less traveled. (sorry, I had to say it)

Yesterday it was still bitterly cold and very windy.  I was hanging out laundry and thinking that I was insane.  Probably am, there’s a perfectly good dryer in the house.  I use it to finish drying but never think to put the clothes in it straight from the washer.

This morning it was about 2 degrees , by 7 pm it was about 4, and the forecast for tomorrow is 8!

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