Lies in the weather forecast

This is definitely a lousy winter.  It’s so cold and has been cold for so long.  I know that people who live in places with cold winters think I’m a baby.  Mark’s brother David  lives in Winnipeg and when I say it’s cold he says "yeah, but is it -35?"

So it’s not -35.  But in Winnipeg people have big boots and arctic coats and cars with heaters – and block heaters – and houses that are insulated to the nth degree, and thermal windows, and furnaces, and they knew it was going to be -35 in the winter when they moved there.

This is the Aude.  The south of France.  It isn’t supposed to be minus anything for any extended period of time.  The old people are saying it’s the coldest winter in 50 years.  We were almost out of firewood last week so I started the firewood guy in Servies to order more.  He doesn’t have any and can’t get in to the woods to cut any because of the snow.

I started calling around and people just laughed.  I finally found some but it would be two weeks before they could deliver.  Mark went to pick it up and it was the last wood they had.  They’re hoping to be able to get in to the woods to get more soon.  Everyone I know is runnning out of firewood.

And the weather forecast is full of lies.  On Monday it said that it would be +8 by today.  My little desktop weather thingie just popped up and said that it’s 0.  And that it will be -4 tonight.  And the forecast is saying that it will be +8 on Thursday.  More lies.

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