Wind in the Aude

Provence has the Mistral.  Perpignan has the Taramonte.  We have wind.  I’ve never heard a name for it.  The locals do make a distinction between the wind from the sea – south – and the wind from the mountains – north.

It doesn’t blow all the time.  At least not where we are.  In summer it’s a welcome relief although it is a bit strange to lie in bed and hear a wind that sounds just like a blizzard.  I haven’t heard of anyone being driven to murder by the wind.  This winter we may hear of people being driven to murder bu the cold.  One of them may be me if it doesn’t warm up soon.

I handn’t realized what an issue wind is for some people.  They absolutely hate it.   I know a couple who had a lovely house just outside a village near Lezignan.  The house was on a hill and it was quite windy.  He couldn’t stand it, said that he could hear the wind all the time.  They sold the house and moved to a village near Trebes.

Yesterday was sunny so I raced to do the laundry that was piled up.  It was pretty windy when I hung the clothes on the line so I figured they would dry quickly.  It’s not really a line, it’s one of those twirly things.  Mark went hang out the second load and just as he turned the corner toward the clothes line there was a huge gust of wind.  Before he could do anything the pole snapped and everything was on the ground. 

It’s back to the dryer for a while.

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