Aude real estate – property prices on the rise

It had to happen, house prices in the Aude have increased, particularly at the low end of the market.  It’s not the feeding frenzy it was three years ago but in the past month there has been a lot of action in the under 150,000 euro segment of the market.

If you have less than 100,000 euros and want to buy a house in the Aude you’re going to have to be really flexible.  And you’re not likely to find anything habitable with any outside space.  Even if you do find anything with outside space it’s going to need a lot of work or it’s going to be an hour from anywhere on winding mountain roads.

I spent days last week trying to find something for a client and came up dry.  And I’m a really good researcher!  We talked about it and have decided that we just can’t do research anymore for habitable properties with outside space unless people have at least 200,000 euros to spend on the purchase.  I hate having to say it but it’s the economic reality.

If we collaborate with another immobilier and sell one of their properties for 100,000 we make about 1500.00 euros.  Sounds ok until you realize that last week we invested more than 30 people hours plus fuel and phone calls and only found two properties that were close to suitable.  The clients didn’t like either one.  The downside risk isn’t worth the effort anymore. 

I really wish that UK television would stop playing those stupid programs that show people finding a house in the Aude for 50,000 euros, spending two weeks to renovate it, and ending up with a charming little French cottage.  The programs are old but people don’t realize that and really believe they can do the same thing.  And don’t believe us when we say it just isn’t possible.

So here’s the bottom line, if you have 100,000 euros and want to buy a house in the Aude it’s not going to be easy.  Don’t even bother making a wish list, just go see what’s for sale and if you find anything even halfway decent, buy it.

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  1. Ron Stocker says:

    Re:- Television and property prices.

    Most of the re-runs of UK property shows do give an indicater from which year the prices were quoted. Trouble is, it's at the end of the show, hidden in the credits.

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