Detached houses for sale in the Aude

We often get e-mails from people who want to buy a detached old stone house with land or a barn with land either renovated or to renovate.  They want to know why they can’t find any listed on real estate sites on the internet.

Here’s my standard answer:

reason you aren’t seeing many barns in the countryside on web sites is that
there aren’t many.  Defence was an issue here and people lived in protected
villages and went out to farms to work.  The land owners lived in town.  I guess
by the time they didn’t have to worry about being attacked anymore they were
used to farming that way.
There are some farms and the occasional old house.  It’s a matter of
looking and how adventurous you are in terms of renovation.  You may find
something on the edge of a village.

Of course, there are detached houses.  Not a lot of old ones though.  If they exist they are often in the 500,000 euro plus range. 

It’s often a matter of having to decide between detached new villa with some land or old character stone with a garden.

The other thing that can be a bit confusing – but makes sense if you think about it – is that barns are usually in villages and rarely have any land or garden.  Strange but true.

If you want to buy property in the Aude you really need to come and visit the area and explore.  You’ll see what the villages are like and also be able to decide which parts you love and which parts you couldn’t bear to buy a house in.  Do that before you look at houses.

I always suggest to people that they do that first.  They almost never do but after a few days of looking at houses all over the Aude with 4 or 5 different agents they end up being totally confused about what they’ve seen, where it is, and how far from anything it is.  Then they say ‘you know, it really would be best to come first and explore’.

And I smile.

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