Near Limoux, house to renovate, barn and stable to convert

137,500 euros

House – 180 m2 plus grenier – to renovate and cave – 120 m2 with mezzanine – and stable – 55m2 on two floors – to convert

7 km from Limoux

If you’re looking for a house to renovate or a barn to convert in the Aude why not do it all.  On 465 m2 of land on the edge of Castelreng, a small village 7 km west of Limoux, this is definitely a DIY dream.  Click here for pictures

The house was originally part of the chateau and the original door and threshold are still in place.  The house is campable but needs a fair amount of work, some of it restoration and some of it renovation.

There is a shower room, not the most attractive bathroom I’ve ever seen but better than nothing.

It’s a bit hard to describe.  The front of the house was added at some point in the past.  Both the bathroom and kitchen are in the addition.  Even so the walls are stone and thick.  In the kitchen there is a traditional chininee with the domed top but the dome has been hidden behind a bulkhead.  There is no water in the kitchen, the sink is in a scullery.

The lounge – the owner calls it the dining room – is wonderful.  The ceiling has hand painted floral motifs in the middle and in the corners.  The wainscot is faux.  It is wood but it isn’t paneling, that’s painted.  The fireplace works.

There’s also a large storage cupboard on the ground floor.

The staircase isn’t original but it old and beautiful.  In very good shape.

There are 4 bedrooms on the first floor.  One has a fireplace.  Two of the bedrooms are in the addition, above the bathroom and kitchen, and you have to go through one to get to the other. 

There is an area that would make a terrific walk-in linen cupboard.

The grenier could be made into a huge master suite.

You’d need to replace the electrics, add bathrooms and make a workable kitchen.  Central heating would be nice.  The roof needs work. 

Under the house there is a vaulted cave that used to be part of the chateau.

There is a barn, actually the old wine cave, that can be converted.  It’s 120 m2 on the ground and has a mezzanine.  The roof is high and you could easily make two floors.  It would be ideal for two apartments because there is a separate entrance to the mezzanine.  It needs beams and a new roof.

The stable is 55 m2 on the ground and is on two levels.  You could get permission to make windows on two sides.  One thing that has to be attended to quickly is an exterior wall that is starting to crumble.

There is a small court between the house and the cave with a dependance that should probably be torn down.  It would make a bigger court.

You could make a wall from the stable to the house and enclose the space.  Easy to put in a pool. 

The whole thing would make a lovely B&B or chambre d’hote or gite complex.

If you’re looking for a challenge and would like to see the property please e-mail me or call me at +33 (0)468 24 02 94.

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