Private property sales in the Aude, Languedoc

This week I’ve met two people with property for sale in the Aude who don’t want to sign a sale mandat.  They’re quite happy to have us show the properties and negotiate any offers but they just don’t want to sign anything.

If we don’t have a signed listing we can’t advertise the property on our real estate site, Aude France Property.  We can tell people about it and send them pictures, a description, make appointments and show the house, negotiate any offers, deal with the Notaire, we just can’t advertise the property.

So what to do?  I’ve added a category to the blog, private sales, and I’ll post details of those houses here, along with a photo album for each house.  For the most part these are the much sought after properties at the lower end of the market.  May as well make it easy for people to find them.

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