Property prices in the Aude – December 2005

There’s no questions that property prices in the Aude have fallen over the past year.  This is a buyer’s market.  Some vendors are accepting offers as much as 10% lower than the asking price, something that has been unheard of here.

Before you get too excited though, this applies to properties that have been on the market for a while.  In general anything listed in the past couple of months is priced realistically.  It’s a good idea to discuss your planned offer with your real estate agent, they can tell you whether or not there’s any room to move in the price.

If your budget is 100,000 euros or less you aren’t going to find anything with outdoor space.  People make the mistake of thinking that they will find something to renovate at a low price.  You will possibly but it won’t have a garden.  If it does, the house will be uninhabitable.  It will cost another 100,000 to restore/renovate.

You’ll need at least 150,000 euros to find something with outdoor space and even then you may have to redo the kitchen, bathroom and electrics. 

If your budget is 200,000 euros you will be able to find a house with a garden or court, renovated and ready to move into.

At 250,000 you’ll start to find houses with land although they will need work.

350,000 will get you a renovated house with land.

There are factors that affect prices, the more remote a property the lower the price.  Some areas are more popular than others, that will raise the price.  The perfect house is going to be priced accordingly.

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    I found your website and wondered if you could advise me as to any english speaking builders that you could recommend. I have a house in Limoux and want to convert the secondary roof in to a roof terrace. If you can help, many thanks in advance

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