oh no, two in a row

I love living in France.  Really, I absolutely love it here.  I’m saying this because yesterday’s post might have sounded a bit negative.  Today’s might too.  It’s just France.  It’s different here.

I finally got around to calling my internet provider to order an ADSL connection.  High speed internet.  Joy!  It’s been available here since late April but I haven’t had time – or haven’t remembered when I do have time – to call and order it.

The customer service person checked my number and told me that on my line I could have the 2 mega package.  I ask – 2 megas of what.  She said 2 megas.  Yes, I said, but is that the speed of data transfer or the amount of data.  (Not that I knew what I was talking about but I thought that we could narrow it down a bit)  Much toing and froing and we decided it’s the speed of transfer.  If anyone understands what this means feel free to e-mail me and tell me.

She said that they would mail my modem to me and that I just had to plug it in to the phone line and the computer and the connection would resolve itself.  I find this hard to believe, I’ve never had a modem resolve itself but I’m willing to try it.  She then said that she was pleased to assure me that it would take absolutely no longer than 8 weeks for my modem to arrive. 

High speed indeed!

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4 Responses to oh no, two in a row

  1. jim says:

    well sam…another wonderful post reinforcing your understandable amour pour la France. Je l'aime aussi….sans reservation.

  2. meg says:

    good god. i may fall over in shock. first from the fact that you wrote two posts in a row, and second because high speed actually finally exists (in theory) in your general area. will wonders never cease…

  3. peter says:


    if it is the dreaded Wanadont/FT then the modem and password arrived within 3 days in this area. As a pseudo expert, I installed several.

    The good news is that it worked out of the bow, except for someone with a MAC.


  4. peter says:

    sorry – worked out of the box !


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