Euchre, in the Aude

Someday I’ll get back to real estate in the Aude but in the meantime, there’s more to life than working.  I’ve always thought of euchre as a Canadian card game, more specifically, an Eastern Canadian card game, because no one from anywhere else ever knows how to play. 

I have trouble remembering which is a club and which is a spade but euchre is fun as long as no one is a killer.  Here I am in the boonies of rural Aude figuring my euchre days are over when, voila, I meet Seth.  He’s from Maine and when he said that he played I figured it was because Maine is so close to New Brunswick.  Wrong, he learned in Ohio.

Tonight we played euchre.  Seth taught – with interruptions form me, Steve and Lynne to play.  Lynne and I were partners and we kicked butt!  Seth said he thought it was because Lynne kept looking at Steve’s cards.  I think it was our brilliant strategy.  We’ll play again.

The problem is that Steve is leaving at the end of August.  That means I have to find one euchre player. Or 5 euchre players.  Volunteers?

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2 Responses to Euchre, in the Aude

  1. meg says:

    apparently it's also a california thing. and certainly it's an ontario thing, in high school everyone played euchre.

    as for volunteers, i volunteer, i could play via speaker phone…

  2. daelyn says:

    I remember growing up here (near Owen Sound) and playing in community centres with the anciens, and they would SLAM us. Fun fun. I won a string bag and two dollars once. And they made these little skunks out of walnut shells and pipe cleaners for when you got skunked. LOL.

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