Property prices in the Aude – June 2006

It’s difficult to make a general statement about house prices in the Aude.  There was a blip in the market in the spring but in general prices at the mid and high range have not risen in about three years.  They’ve fallen since four years ago.

There is a glut of high priced propertiesfor sale and it’s a buyer’s market. If you’re thinking of spending more than 400,000 euros on a property this is a good time to buy.  Vendors are accepting offers that would have seemed ridiculous a couple of years ago.

I consider mid-range properties to be any that are over 200,000 euros and less than about 400,000.  In this range you find renovated houses with large courts or gardens. Houses that are ready to move in to.  This part of the market has picked up a bit since last year but prices have not risen.  There are some good buys in this price range because there are owners who just can’t wait for the market to pick up.  They have to sell now.

The low end of the market continues to do well.  Houses coming onto the market are well-priced and vendors who have had properties for sale for a long time are lowering their prices.

For anything with a court and minimal work to be done plan to pay at least 175,000 euros.
If you’re happy with a roof terrace – actually perfect for a vacatio home – there are anumber of properties in the 130,000 to 140,000 range.

If you find anything for less than 150,000 with a garden be prepared to renovate.  Not necessarily structural work but certainly new kitchen, bathroom, and electrics.

The best deals are still houses that need renovation.  Particularly good are village houses with no terrace or garden in villages that still allow roof terraces.  Well worth the investment.  In a couple of years the demand for houses with roof terraces is going to be high.

If your budget is carved in stone you’re well off telling the agent exactly what it is and letting them find properties in that price range.  No point in saying that you want a renovated house with 3 bedrooms and a garden when your budget is 125,000 euros.

If your budget is more flexible give the agent a range and and a wish list and let them show you options.

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