Vide Grenier season in the Aude

VgolonzacVide Grenier literally means empty attic.  I always find it hard to explain what they are to people who haven’t experienced one; like a car boot sale but with dealers, like a neighbourhood garage sale, like a flea market but with nicer stuff.  Most are held on Sunday but sometimes they are on a Saturday and often on bank holidays.

Usually they’re sponsored by a village or neighbourhood group or organization that raises money  by charging for a table and also runs a food concession.  As well as dealers, villagers and locals have tables.  They’re the ones cleaning out the attic. 

They start in the spring and run through the autumn and in the summer there can be as many as 10 or 12 to choose from on any given Sunday.  You can search the Vide Grenier site to find a list or just remember the signs you see as you drive around during the week.

Definitely the places to start if you’re equipping a house on a shoestring budget.  Terrific for antique linens, lace curtains, dished, cutlery, you name it.  You can usually find small pieces of furniture as well.  Heaven for renovators because you can find bits and pieces of old hardware that you’ll never find anywhere else.

Some things you see over and over again.  There’s a stuffed squirrel posed in attack mode on a piece of wood that I’ve seen 4 or 5 times.  I might buy it next time.  Why would anyone stuff a squirrel?  My daughter thinks that it must have been a taxidermy school project, that you had to stuff something really small to pass the course.

It’s a nice way to spend a Sunday.  Vide grenier in the morning, then Sunday lunch somewhere, then a walk.

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2 Responses to Vide Grenier season in the Aude

  1. Debbie Lawton says:

    Hi Sam
    We're very much homesick for Montlaur. We are a NZ family who bought a maison de village in Montlaur and were lucky enough to spend six months renovating our home this year from April 'til early October. We found Montlaur to be an exceptionally welcoming and friendly village. We have just recently returned to NZ but I definitely have the Montlaur "Blues" so I was absolutely delighted to see those lovely photos posted on your site of Montlaur – indeed I was nearly in tears – we miss it so. Lovely to see photos of the Vide Grenier in Fabrezan. Every Sunday I religiously went to all the local Vide Greniers to purchase little treasures for our home. Thanks for your website and local news. It is greatly appreciated. We do hope to return next year for a holiday.
    Kind regards
    Debbie & Terry

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Debbie

    This part of the Corbieres really gets in your blood, doesn't it? And so do vide Greniers. There's one in Azille this weekend – although I'm going to have to start selling stuff soon so that I have room for new stuff!


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