Wind in the Aude

I really wanted to call this post "..and they call the wind Meringue"  but a big part of the reason for this blog is to help people who are thinking about buying a house here and with that title no one would ever find the post.

Parts of the Aude are very windy so if wind bothers you check carefully when you’re house hunting.  A reliable indicator is the presence of those big electricity generating windmills that look like something out of a SF novel.  If there are windmills it’s bound to be windy.

Apparently the Aude Maritime has 300 windy days a year.

I’m in the north Corbieres near Lagrasse and we do have windy days but usually just one or two in a row.  A couple of weeks ago the wind blew for 7 days.  It was horrible.  First time in the four years that I’ve lived here that it’s blown steadily for that long. 

The wind we’re always aware of here comes for the south, from the sea.  It usually means rain. when I first came here and was struggling with the language and the local accent I thought that people were saying that it was the Meringue wind.  Weird name for a wind.  I finally realized that it was Meringue in the tradition of pang and demang – pain and demain.  So really they call the wind Marin.

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