Brocante in Lagrasse

A brocante is an upscale vide grenier, nicer stuff, cleaned up, better displays, higher prices.  Lagrasse has 3 or 4 brocantes every summer.  I didn’t even realize there was one today until I drove into the village.

It’s a glorious day, sunny, bright blue sky, but hot.  At 10.30 it must have been 30 degrees.  Nice if you’re on holiday but I could use a break.  It’s hard to work in the heat.

Brocants are great, I always see things that I like.  If I went early to vide greniers I could probably find the same stuff pre-tarting up but it’s fun to see what people have done with things  The only thing I bought today was a teaplate sized beaded flower.  Not sure what I’ll do with it but I figure it’s the kind of thing everyone needs.



Both of these wooden horses are lovely, I really like the one pulling the little whatever it’s called.



The hat and fan sellers were in the right place at the right time.  People were buying both.  Gratefully.

These are only a few of the bread slicers this dealer was selling.  Personally I’d call them bread squishers.  The blade is essentially a guillotine.

These are great shoes.  They looked old, had wooden soles, toes that turned up, and a very decorative strap.  The linens were certainly old too but I think the clothes were costumes rather than period clothing.

Now I’m off to the lake to swim and sit in the shade and read a book.  It’s Sunday.  I don’t have to work.

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