My favourite view in the Aude


This is my favourite view in the Aude.  It’s just outside of Monze, a small village between Carcassonne and Lagrasse.  I pass it almost every day and I always slow down to look.  I love the little bridge, the winding road to nowhere, and the crazy quilt of the vines.  You can’t tell in the picture but the vines are planted in plots that all run in different directions. 

I’m not sure why they’re planted this way, some of them seem to follow the slope of the hill, others cut across it, and yet others are diagonal.

It’s one of those mysteries.  Like the pruning mystery.  Why do some people prune vines all the way back and others leave one long stem.  It doesn’t seem to be varietal. 

This is my favourite time of the year in the south of France.  Days are still lovely and nights are cool.  The vines are changing colour and in a few days will rival the maple trees of my youth.  It’s comforting, the familiar colours, even if they are on the ground and not on the trees.

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