St Pierre des Champs, near Lagrasse

StpierrechateauWhen you think about a small village in the south of France what do you imagine?  Before I came to the Aude I had no idea how small a small village could be.  127 people.  Or how wonderful. 

A chateau on the hill, a lovely place, narrow streets, a river, a very good restaurant/hotel, St Pierre des Champs is a tiny village slowly and quietly moving from one day to the next.

My friends Mimi and Bill lived in St Pierre until recently.  They loved it.  Mimi knew everyone.  She would drive people to Lagrasse if they needed a lift.  They would bring her wine and fresh fruit and vegetables they had produced. 

They moved back to the States in the early autumn and she still has her finger on the pulse of the village.




I miss you Mimi.

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