Trying to buy a chateau in the Aude

This probably happens to real estate agents everywhere, not just in France, but it’s the first time it’s happened to me.  I have a client who is really eager to buy a chateau.  A specific chateau in a specific village.  And it just happens to be for sale.

Because French owners list properties with more than one estate agent I called the owner and asked if I could have a mandat to sell the property.  "No!  How did you get my name and number?"  Strange response I thought.  I told her my little story.  She said it was listed with three immobiliers and I would have to deal with one of them. 

I called the immo, explained about my client and asked to see the chateau so I could take interior pictures.  "No interior pictures.  The owner thinks that thieves will see them and break into the house"  "Huh?" I thought.

Finally saw the house.  It needs a lot of work.  My clients are fine with that.  They arrive in the Aude tomorrow and I’ve been trying all week to make an appointment for them to visit it.  They have one request, they’d like to see it with the shutters open.  Seems reasonable to me.

Not to the owner.  Her conditions for agreeing to let the listing agent show the property are:

  • No negotiating the price
  • If she gets an offer she won’t respond until December
  • Under no circumstance are the shutters to be opened
  • Before anyone can make an appointment to see the Chateau they have to go meet the agent in her office about two hours away.

I’m getting the feeling that the owner doesn’t really want to sell the chateau!

Don’t worry, not all sellers are like this.  Most of them actually want to sell their houses.  I have a lovely former wine domaine listed if you’re looking for a fabulous property.  And they want to sell!

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