300 Days of sunshine a year in the Aude

300 days of sunshine
Have you noticed how many websites devoted to Languedoc Roussillon say that on average we get 300 days of sunshine a year?  I think one of mine says that, or one of my old ones said it.  Is it true?  I was thinking about it today and all it did was raise questions.

But who’s counting?
Who tracks this stuff?  Is there a website that has the definitive answer?  How would they prove it?  What counts as a day of sunshine?  Is it all day or does it count if the sun only shines for half an hour? 

So I did some research.  According to E.Mitchell of Ouveillan there are on average 276 days of sunshine a year.  I made a spreadsheet to save you having to do it.  276 days of sunshine a year sounds fine to me.  Meteo France has  a chart and some weather records for Carcassonne.  And yes, one of my other sites says that there are 300 days of sunshine. (Not a pretty site, is it?  Hopefully I’ll find time to redesign it by Jan 07)  The Aude climate section of AFP is a bit more descriptive.

Is that it?
Apparently.  At least for sites on Google. 

What’s the weather really like in the Aude?
The weather is as varied as the scenery.  I live near Montlaur and we can have quite a few cloudy damp days in a row in the winter.  Usually I just have to leave the valley to find somewhere sunny. There are days when it’s glorious here, sunny and calm, and it’s pouring in Carcassonne. 

Mostly it’s pretty nice.  In the summer the sun shines so much that it gets a bit boring.  On Monday it was 22 and sunny, not that unusual in November.  I’ve spent 5 Christmases here and have eaten lunch outside every time.  Very nice.

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One Response to 300 Days of sunshine a year in the Aude

  1. meg says:

    the funny thing is i was just thinking this morning about sun and days of sun.

    it's dull and grey and rainy today and i thought 'gee, it feels like a france day'. so i guess whenever i come to the aude there is a high proportion of grey days.

    it of course then made me start thinking about number of days of sun in toronto, ottawa and montreal and i wondered if ottawa gets more sunny days than toronto.

    maybe i need to do some interweb research.

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