Before you look at houses for sale in the Aude – part 1

A village house is a village house but the Corbieres is not the Razes

So you want to buy a house in the Aude

What now?  It depends on whether or not you know the Aude.  If you do, skip this post.  If not, it’s departement 11 in Languedoc Roussillon, in the south of France.

One of the wonderful things about the Aude is the diversity of the landscape.  In the Cabardes you go from vineyards to forest in less than 15 km.  In the Corbieres the landscape seems to change with every  corner.  And there are a lot of corners in the Corbieres. 

If you love the Razes and Limoux you’re probably not going to want
to buy a house in the Corbieres, and vice versa.  If you love the
northern Corbieres and Lagrasse you may be happy in the northern
Minervois but the haute Vallee and Quillan won’t be to your taste.  If
you love the Haute Vallee you won’t like the Lauragais and

Everyone who knows what I was talking about in the previous
paragraph, raise your hands.  You really don’t need to read this.  The
rest of you, keep reading.

First, buy a map

I know, you’re thinking ‘it’s almost Christmas and she probably gets
a commission if we buy a map by clicking on the link and she needs to
buy gifts and anyway she’s a real estate agent.’  All true.  BUT you
absolutely need a map and you really should by it before you arrive so
you have some understanding of the area that property listings are
referring to. 

And why you have to allow lots of time to get from place to place.

And I can’t afford to keep giving away my maps!  If you buy a house
from me I’ll pay you for the map.  Can’t be any fairer than that.

Second, do some internet research and use the map

Google words like ‘razes aude’ ‘corbieres aude’ minervois aude’ and
start looking at sites.  Try and find descriptions of the areas.  I
knew before I ever came here that I wouldn’t want a house in the flat
part of the Lauragais.  I want hills.  Start narrowing down the areas
that might interest you.

Search google images for pictures of villages in the area.

Third, well that’s enough for tonight.  I’ll add a link to part 2 as soon as I write it.

Bonus – map showing all those areas, the Razes, Corbieres, Minervois, etc.


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2 Responses to Before you look at houses for sale in the Aude – part 1

  1. jim says:

    maybe this is a dumb question…but are there any english-[language newspapers or magazines in the sout of France that a person could subscribe to?

  2. Sam says:

    There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. Here's mine – I'm not sure.
    Depends what you're looking for and how narrow a focus you're interested in.
    There are a couple of new ones, very advertorial. Unfortunately I can't remember the names off the top of my head.
    I think this is a subject for a blog post!

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