Charity shops in Carcassonne

If you’re Canadian think Goodwill, Sally Ann, those kinds of stores.  If you’re British think Oxfam.  The kinds of operations that often include some kind of workshop where donated articles are cleaned up, repaired, and then sold.  Or just sold ‘as is’.  I have no idea what they’re called in French.  But I love them. 

Yesterday I took the morning off and mooched through 2 charity shops in Carcassonne.  These are the only two I know so if anyone knows of others, please let me know. 

Emmaüs is a French charity that was started in the fifties.  They have shops all over the country.  You can find addresses by typing the department number in the little box at the bottom of the page.   They sell everything but you have to be willing to dig.  And not mind that things may be less than clean. 

In Carcassonne the address is 135 Bis av Franklin Roosevelt and the phone number is 04 68 72 63 32.

If you’re trying to outfit a house on a very slim budget Emmaus is great.  It’s hit and miss and if you see something you want it’s a good idea to get someone to make it sold for you right away before someone else grabs it.  My best buy ever was a cast iron claw foot bathtub for 35.00 euros.   I didn’t see anything that amazing yesterday.

There was an interesting  deco inspired sideboard, a ‘distressed’ mirror for a shabby chic look, lots of armoires, and a sweet little basket thing that I bought to use as a table.

Decosideboard    Distressedmirror 


This is the basket thing I bought.  I have no idea what it was origionally for.  I’m just going to put it beside a chair.

The other shop I went to was Terre d’Esperance. I know absolutely nothing about the organization.  It’s the same idea as Emmaus.  People donate things and the shop wells them. 

In Carcassonne they’re at 85 av Franklin Roosevelt and the phone number is 04 68 25 80 80.

I hadn’t been there in ages and the first thing I noticed is that their furniture prices are quite high, for a charity shop, but not particularly consistent.  There was a lovely armoire for about 200.00 euros, quite reasonable. 

There was a strange chrome and canvas rocking chair for 95.00 euros.  Quite unreasonable!  The bargian of the day was a fold out sofa that was actually comfortable to sit on.  It was 45 euros.  Of course you’d want to replace the mattress!

In the back there were some appliances that looked as if they were in decent shape.  There was also a great sign that basically said ‘there’s no point in looking for a price tag, the prices are in our heads’.  It would have been even better if everything didn’t have a price tag on it.

I saw a little cast iron stove with a blue enamelled top that would have been great for the garden but it was sold. 


  Whitegoods  Stove

I did get a little stool or bench, very primitive.  I love stuff like that, things that looked like someone whipped them up in 10 minutes.  And because you can never have too many mirrors, I bought a small mirror.

Both Emmaus and Terre d’Esperance will deliver large things and they will also come and pick up furniture and applicance donations. 

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