Do your homework before you move to France

Do your homework before you move to France

If you’re thinking about moving to France check Don’t Move to France – until you’ve done your homework.  It has a lot of information about living in France, pros and cons re moving to France, and comments from people who’ve made the move successfully, as well as those who’ve gone back to the UK.

As with most move to France websites it’s very UK focused.  Given that most of the English speaking people who move here are Brits that’s understandable.  As a Canadian I’ve always found it frustrating trying to find information about being a non-Brit native English speaker living in France.  Still, I was pleased to find the site.  Worthwhile reading.

From time to time living in France can be daunting

I tend to be a Suzie Sunshinish Pollyanna can-do kind of girl.  Determined, focused, always seeing solutions, lots of ideas, a fair amount of energy, fairly irreverent, able to see the the humour in almost any situation but I find France a bit daunting from time to time.  One of my real strengths has always been the ability to understand a system quickly and figure out the shortcuts.  Not to get around the system, just to find the most efficient way to use it.  After 4 1/2 years I have to say, there is no efficient way to use the French system. 

When I started this blog it was really focused on real estate in the Aude.  It’s what I do, it’s what I know.  I’ve reached a point where I think it’s ok to be a bit more personal, let my opinions show, write the negatives once in a while.  They do exist. 

On the whole I love it here, I don’t regret the move.  But  …  I miss Canada and things Canadian.  And I miss my daughter, and my family and my friends.   I get homesick.  Who would have thought?

I’ve made friends here, some good friends.  Probably 5 people who will be friends forever.   That’s certainly more than I expected to make.  It’s hard to make close friends when you’re middle aged. 

I moved here because I had always dreamed of living in France.  It wasn’t that I wanted to leave Canada, I wanted to live here.  It’s not for everyone.  Do your research before you make a decision.

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