Fried eggs in France

And in the weird food tips category –

There are cooking times for eggs on the inside of the carton of the eggs I buy in France – not a bad idea I suppose.  There is also the strangest egg cooking tip I’ve run across – To prevent the egg from sticking sprinkle the pan with flour.

Huh?  I’m assuming this is for a fried egg.  I’m guessing that if
you’re a Brit your fried eggs never stick to the pan because there’s an
inch of fat in there so you can safely ignore this tip.  If you’re
health conscious you don’t fry eggs – probably don’t eat eggs – so you
won’t need it either.  If you have a non-stick frying pan, no problem.

So who is it that needs to sprinkle flour on the pan before they fry an egg?  And what would the egg taste like?

Why am I writing about fried eggs?

swissmiss made me do it!  I know, this post is about a toy fried egg but I think that an egg fried in flour would look like that one.

It’s a long and winding road

swissmiss again – I read this post and went to the Chronicle Books site and found a book I have to buy because it has the best title I’ve seen in a long time – And My Shoes keep Walking Back to You.   I know, this has nothing to do with fried eggs but it’s how I got here.

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