How to buy a house in France

If you’re just beginning to think about buying property in the south of France it’s hard to know where to start.  Assuming you’ve narrowed the area to Languedoc Roussillon, what’s the next step?  There is a series of article at Aude France Property that can help add some focus to your search.

Here’s the short version:

Find areas that appeal to you and come and explore

Step 1 – Find the area

  • Establish your budget

  • Do some internet research and find areas that appeal to you. 
  • Remember that Languedoc Roussillon is huge, narrow it down to one department to start with. 
  • Do more research and make sure that you can afford the area you’ve picked.
  • Plan a vacation, at least one week, two is better, in the area you’ve chosen and come and explore.
    Rent a gite
  • If you’ve seen a real estate site you like call the agent asd ask if they would meet you for coffee when you arrive, bring some listings, show you on a map where the properties are, and help you plan your exploring
  • Drive around, get out of the car and walk through villages, see what area appeals to you the most.
  • Talk to people.
  • If you find an area you love go to step 2, if not, repeat step one until you find the area you want to be in.

Make sure your budget matches the area

Step 2 – Back home, more research

  • More internet research, this time focus on properties in the area you like
  • See what types of properties are available
  • If there are properties that sound interesting in your price range go to step 3, if not, rethink your budget.  If you can’t then look in another part of France.

Find your dream house in France

Step 3 – Look at houses

  • Contact a real estate agent in the department you’ve chosen. (If it’s the Aude, contact me – please)
    Talk with them about what you hope to find, your budget, and any absolute must haves. 
  • Be honest about your budget. 
  • You really don’t need to deal with more than one agent, properties are listed with so many that almost anyone can find you what you want.  It is important to feel that the agent is listening to you.
  • Plan another visit. 
  • It can be for as few as three days but a week is best.
  • Make appointments with the immobilier to see properties. 
  • If they’ve listened to you and you’ve been honest with them they should be able to show you 3 or 4 properties that would suit. 
  • If you find one or more you like go to step 4, if not, back to step three.

Make an offer

Step 4 – Make an offer

  • Sometimes you absolutely know, the minute you see a house, that it’s the one for you.  If you have any niggly doubts ask to see it a second time.
  • Talk with the agent about making an offer.  Sometimes there’s room to move in the price and sometimes there isn’t.
  • Ask the agent to negotiate the offer for you.
  • If you and the seller agree on a price go to step 5, if not, step 4 again.

Buy the house

Step 5 – Buy the house

  • Your agent will walk you through the process.

Step 6 – Enjoy your house in France!

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