Narbonne doesn’t ‘sing’ to me and I’m not sure why.   All the
ingredients are there.  The Canal du Robine running through the city, a
market every morning in Les Halles, a very impressive cathedral, lots
of restaurants, a theatre.  It should work but, for me, it doesn’t.  I
don’t feel a buzz, that energy that makes a city ‘sympa’.

As part of our "need to have a life" initiative, Yvette, Lynn, and I spent yesterday in Narbonne.  I wanted to go to Accent d’Oc to get some stocking stuffers before I go to Canada for Christmas.  Their Olive Jam is delicious.  Worth the trip.


The outside of the Cathedral is magnificent.  Soaring towers and flying buttresses outlined against the sky.  The cloister is perfection.  The interior disappoints.  The proportions are wrong, the walls too tall for the floor area.  It’s dark, fear inspiring rather than awe inspiring.

One stop we had to make was at a little accessory shop so I could show them the ‘guard’ dog, Mozart.  I swear he’s about the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen.  I think the shop – sorry, can’t remember the name – has some lovely things but we didn’t even look at them.  Just talked to Mozart.


Gargoyles  Cloister3


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