Retrieving France Telecom messages

France Telecom Messagerie – 3125
Have you had the message beeping tone on your phone but when you try to access the message the recording says you don’t have any?  Do you retrieve your messages by dialling 3125?  If so you’ve probably received a number of service messages over the last couple of months.  If you’re like me they were so fast you had no idea what they were about.

The access number has changed to 3103. 
The erase message thing has changed as well.  It’s now 3 but you still have to confirm by pressing 1.  That’s going to completely confuse me because you press 3 to erase a mobile message but you don’t have to confirm it.

Don’t forget to record a greeting
It’s way easier if you record a personal greeting, that way I know I dialled the right number!  It isn’t difficult to do.  You want to enregistrer votre message d’accueil.  You start talking at the beep and Press the hash key (number sign) to end the recording.

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2 Responses to Retrieving France Telecom messages

  1. meg says:

    hash key a british thing?

    here it's the pound key.

  2. Sam says:

    Pound key, that's what I was trying to remember.

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