This is your life. Live it.

Thanks to gapingvoid for the inspiration.  This is a very personal post but does relate to France.  Really.  It’s where I live my life.

This is your life, live it. 

Don’t reach the end of your life regretting the things you didn’t do, the choices you didn’t make.  The only guarantee we get in life is that we’re going to die. Everything else is an option.  You’re responsible for your life and the direction it takes.

Remember that you always have choices.  Sometimes it may mean
choosing the lesser of two evils but there is always a choice.  Not
choosing counts as a choice.  Life is about options. 

Take responsibility. Forget about blame. 

Get to know yourself.  Know what’s right for you.  Be true to
yourself. Call it ethics if it makes you more comfortable.  Be
yourself, eccentric is fine. 

If it isn’t working, fix it.  Don’t just bitch and moan.  Spend the
energy finding a solution.  Ask for help if you need it, no one ever
said that you have to do it all alone.  Say thank you. 

Know that sometimes it will be difficult.  Sometimes you’ll be less
than capable.  It’ll pass, it always does.  Don’t beat yourself up.
Sometimes the passing takes a while.

Be the kind of friend that you’d want as a friend.  Love your friends, let them love you. 

Instead of building a wall to protect yourself, have boundaries.
Learn how to articulate them.  Think of them as a line.  Realize that
there are different boundaries for different relationships.  If you
think you need a wall, ask yourself why.  You may have to bring all
your baggage into every new situation but you don’t have to unpack it.

Sometimes you have to take a risk.  Ask yourself ‘what’s the worst
that can happen’.  If you could live with the worst possible outcome,
you’ll be fine.

Be passionate about at least one thing.


Your children are your responsibility.  Love them.  Teach them to be
independent.  Set an example.  Remember, they’re always watching.  They
see the disconnects.

Be honest, don’t be cruel. 

Have a dream.  Reach for it.  You’ll find that often the
satisfaction is as much in making it come true as having it come true.

Everyone once in a while examine your life.  Is it what you want?
Do you have goals?  Do you like yourself?  Are you doing what you want
to do? Do this more often as you get older – you don’t have as much
time left.  Ask yourself if you’re happy.  Rate your happiness on a
scale of 1 to 10.  Less than 6, time for changes.

Remember that sad is not the opposite of happy. 

Sometimes you have to forget the stuff you learned at home and teach
yourself stuff that works instead.  Do it.  No one really cares about
your shitty childhood when you’re 75.

Enjoy your life.  Revel in the joy.   

Life is ever changing, embrace the changes, welcome them, make them your own.  Learn, try. 

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Sam started Aude France as a companion site to her real estate site Aude France Property so that she could have a place to write about life in the Aude. Now that she's in Canada she writes about things that can affect owners and buyers in the Aude - or anything that strikes her fancy. On Pinterest you can find her by searching for Sam Mooney or clicking this link
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