Before you look at houses for sale in the Aude – part 3

More tips to help you buy property in the Aude, or anywhere in France

French Home Truths

Be realistic
If your budget is 100,000 euros be realistic about what you can buy.  I know that you really want a renovated 3 bedroom stone cottage with a garden, maybe on the edge of a village.  Honestly, if I find that house I’m buying it myself.   Trust me, I really want you to buy a house from me.  It’s not in my interest to ‘hide’ houses from you. 

Be open about your budget.
We all want a bargain. We all want to feel
that we got the best deal possible but if your budget is really 200,000
euros, tell me.  If you say that it’s 150,000 euros then I’m not going
to show you houses in the 200,000 range and that 50,000 euros makes a
big difference in what you can buy in the Aude. 

Don’t look at houses until you’re ready to buy
It’s a recipe for disappointment.  You’ll see a house you love, won’t buy it because you’ve just started looking.  You’ll come back when you’re ready to buy, that house will be long sold, and you’ll compare  – unfavourably – everything you see with it. 

Don’t look at houses until you’ve explored the Aude
See above.

Arrange your financing before you look at properties
Much better to be able to make an offer that doesn’t include a clause suspensive that makes the deal dependent on you obtaining a mortgage.  Do that first.  You can always get approval in principle. 
That way you know what you can afford.

Go see the locations of houses before you arrange to see inside.
You can’t assume anything about the inside of a house in the Aude from the outside.  You can see whether the village and/or the surrroundings appeal to you.

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2 Responses to Before you look at houses for sale in the Aude – part 3

  1. paul emmett says:

    hi' is property around tautavel and tuchan expensive and do you know if much available

  2. Sam Mooney says:

    Hi Paul

    It really depends on what you're looking for an d what you consider expensive. There is certainly a good range of properties.

    E-mail me and tell me a bit about what you hope to find and your budget and I can give you better info.


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