France – smoking ban in effect February 1, 2007

Time to quit smoking in France

The first phase of the French government’s ban on smoking  in public places takes effect on February 1, 2007.  As of that date smoking is banned in enclosed spaces and covered spaces that are open to the public including hospitals and health centres, places of work, stadiums, public transit, schools, colleges, and universities.

French anti-smoking ban, phase 2

The second phase of the smoking ban comes into effect on January 1, 2008 and extends the no-smoking law to include bars, cafes, restaurants, casinos and hotels. 

The original French is available at the tabac.gouv.Fr website.

It should be interesting to see the reaction of the population.  I was buying paint in Carcassonne a couple of weeks ago and one of the employees lit up.  I asked him if he wasn’t concerned about the tobacco police and he just shrugged.  What’s going to happen to all those little tabacs?  I doubt they can eke out a living if their tobacco sales are reduced. 

It should help sales of nicotine patches and gum though.

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