Shepherd predicts arrival of winter in the Aude

"On Tuesday, it will be winter"

We’ve had a very mild winter in the Aude so far this year. Lots of days where it’s warm enough to have lunch outside and not need a jacket.  Glorious.

Except.  We need rain.  So, while the part of me that hates winter rejoices in the perfect – for me – weather, the other part knows that we need winter to arrive.  And that when it does arrive the early buds that have been fooled into developing and the bulbs that have been tricked into growing are going to suffer.


The shepherd said ..

This afternoon I stopped on my way home to go take pictures of sheep that were grazing in the vineyards next to Domneuve.  You may be looking at the picture and saying "how can you tell that they’re sheep?"  I actually was trying to make a video, to capture the sound of the bells. 

It sort of worked, I did get a video but it was windy and the bells are mixed with sort of groaning sounds.  Not quite the effect I was aiming for.  I was going to post it anyway but am lost in conversion, trying to get a file format that I can upload to YouTube.  If there is anyone reading this who can help, please, please, I do need help.

Back to the shepherd.  We stood and talked for a while.  He’s from Arquettes-en-Val and raises the sheep for meat.  He said that there are 5 people raising sheep int he Val de Daigne, 4 for meat and one for wool – and cheese.

We were talking about the weather, how mild and lovely it is.  He said that it was going to be hard for the trees when winter does come because they think it’s spring and are growing.  "On Tuesday it will be winter".  He sounded very definite.  He was looking at the trees as he said it.

This appeared to be my chance to learn an ancient secret about predicting weather in France.  Something passed down from father to son through many generations.

"How do you know?"

"La meteo.  La tele."  (The weather forecast. The television)  he answered, and looked at me as if I was a couple of baguettes short of a picnic.

I guess that means he isn’t living in a croft in the hills, no running water, no electricity.

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