Skype – lost the plot?

Is Skype crazy?

Skype rant

From the Skype web site  – my emphasis

On January 18th 2007 we will announce an innovative and disruptive
pricing structure to give Skype users even more exciting and cost
effective ways to keep in touch.

Am I crazy?  Does it make sense for a company with a good business model to screw things up?  Why would they do this? Does anyone from Skype proof read their copy? Is disruptive good?  As a customer it doesn’t sound good to me.

Normally I’d send an e-mail and point it out to them but they never acknowledge e-mails so why bother.  Instead – a rant ..

Is anyone else noticing some pretty strange things about Skype?  I’ve been away for a month and haven’t been using it.  In fact, I got a new computer and didn’t have it installed until today.

And this is what I found –

  • Suddenly all my Outlook contacts are in Skype.  I didn’t ask for this.  I don’t want it.
  • On my website – – and the about page on this blog there are Skype buttons around my phone numbers.  I didn’t ask for that either.  And don’t want it.

And, to add insult to injury, when I clicked on the add credits button – out of sheer curiousity – this was the message – "Unfortunately Skype does not have payment methods available from your current location…"  (Normally I would copy and paste the entire message but they’ve managed to disable the right click button)

So Skype, if you’re listening, keep my 5.42 euros. Put it in a savings
account.  When you’re 800 years old you’ll have 600 euros.  You can
keep that too.

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4 Responses to Skype – lost the plot?

  1. jim says:

    I agree totally!

    Also how come they are letting my credit of 13 plus euros expire 4 months from now???

  2. Sam Mooney says:

    Have you seen the little thing that says "there's no best before date on your Skype credits" and then it says "just make one call a month"?

    Picky of me, I know, but either credits expire or they don't. In this case they do unless you make at least one paid call a month.

    Who writes that crap? Do you think they'd hire me? Lies for a Living – it could be on a resume.

    Does anyone use another VOIP service? A good one?

  3. Hi Sam

    You can turn off both the website and Outlook feature for Skype, I'm surprised it was on my default, take a look at:


    And it is possible the 'disruptive' bit is not aimed at Skype users, but at the incumbent telephone operators, who are seeing their revenues eaten away.

  4. Sam Mooney says:

    Hi Craig

    You're a nicer person than I am. Thanks for the tips, I deleted the Firefox extension so I don't have that weird thing on my sites anymore.

    I also found a place in view to turn off the Outlook contact display. I'll give them another chance.

    But … they're still showing no payment option for France so it's not going to be much use to me if I can't buy credits.

    I had figured out the use of 'disruptive'. I still think it's a very poor choice of wording. There are better ways to say 'we're going to kick the telco's collective butts'.

    Apparently flu makes me crabby.


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