8 hours in La Jonquiera – epilogue

We’re all back in the Aude, safe and sound with a new clutch cable

Monday – another trip to La Jonquiera

Lynn and Steve, good friends extraordinaire, made another trip to La Jonquiera on Monday.  This time it was to take me to get the car.  We arrived at about 6.30.  I called Mounir and told him where we were.  He arrived in about 5 minutes driving my car.

Obviously he’d replaced the clutch cable.  Success!

The cost of this little adventure?

150.00 euros to Mounir.  For this he had driven me around La Jonquiera for about three hours, tolerated the towing guy’s rudeness, taken me to a restaurant where I could have dinner and then back to my car, found a clutch cable, installed it, and brought the car back to me.  A bargain!

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One Response to 8 hours in La Jonquiera – epilogue

  1. jim says:

    wow…what a great ending to a great tale. Make sure that you save that story for the book you ought to be writing 🙂

    And you're right that it's wonderful to have good friends like Lynn and Steve.

    As for Mounir…he deserves the good samaritan medal.

    We need more stories like yours on the front pages.

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