And they call meringue meringay

They call the wind meringue

A while ago I posted about the way locals pronounce marin.  To me it sounds like meringue and I spent quite a while thinking that the south wind was call the Meringue. 

Today I was in a patisserie and asked if one of the tarts was citron.  "Oui, citron meringue." pronounced meringay.  No wonder I get confused.

In Zambia they call meringue melingy

There was a woman in Zambia who had a cooking show on television in the early 80s.  It was a really bad show, the kind of show that made you cringe in embarrassment while you watched.  Each week she’d have a couple of ‘celebrity’ guests on the show and would spend the first 5 minutes being fairly rude to them.  Then she’d spend about 5 minutes racing through a recipe, not really making it, and then would produce the dish of the day.

One day one of her guests was the Dutch ambassador to Zambia.  After berating him about something she announced that she would be making a very famous Zambian dish, remo melingy pie.  The Dutch ambassador looked intrigued, he didn’t know there were any famous Zambian dishes.

She raced through the recipe and then someone off camera handed her a pie.  She set it down on the table, cut into it, and served it to her guests.  The Dutch Ambassador took a bite, chewed, swallowed, and turned to her and said "We have this in Holland, we call it Lemon Meringue Pie."

She looked at him scornfully and said "it is not the same" and then thanked her other guest fulsomely and completely ignored the poor Dutch Ambassador.

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