Art Cards from the Aude

Happy Birthday Valentine’s Day Cards

Lovely cards for any occasion from Arts-et-Cartes.  This is the online shop for a group of artists all living in the Aude.  As far as I can tell some of the cards are reproductions of larger paintings and some are images made for cards.

There are two card ranges:  Pardon my French is a range of cards in a cartoon style and A Taste of France consists of cards that evoke the Aude and the south of France. I love the one on the left, it’s from a painting by Kate Hardy.

The cards would be a perfect souvenir.  They can be ordered online and they’re available in Carcassonne at Marché Brittanique in Carcassonne, 67 Rue Armagnac.  

Artists in the Aude

Where are the artist in the Aude?  A few of them are on the Arts-et-Cartes site. BUT the site doesn’t give me nearly enough information about them.  Where do they sell their work?  How can I contact them? 

Kate Hardy, where are you?  I love your work.  Is it for sale?  Where?  When?  Want to barter for a website?

I’ve bemoaned the apparently dearth of ceramicists in the Aude making anything I can’t live without.  Or anything that I’d give as a gift.  Anna Scott may be the ceramicist I’ve been looking for.  Where are you Anna?  Where can I see your work?

In December I posted about Kylee Milner and her jewelry.  You can see examples of her work at the  Lunes website.  Gorgeous work, she even has a necklace for a cat.  And there’s a map on her site so you can find the studio.

Art in the Aude – what’s on?

No idea.  It’s one of the reasons I just launched Audecentric.  So I can know about art exhibits, studio sales, and gallery shows in advance and plan to attend.  We need an art editor and contributors.  What about it Art-et-Cartes?  Any of you willing and able?

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