Becoming Multi-lingual in the Aude

Learning a new language

No, not French.  Brit.  As opposed to English.  I’m Canadian, I already speak English. It’s Brit that I have trouble with. 

I was writing a post about a blood donor clinic on Audecentric when I realized that I have no idea how to say blood donor clinic in Brit. 

Give ’em choices

Normally when I write something that I know will be read by North Americans and Brits I do a sort of simultaneous translation.   The thing is, it could be blood donor clinic in Brit, I just don’t know.  Obviously not a topic that’s been dinner conversation.

Did you know that some Brits say karzi for toilet?  I know at least two of them.  Karzi?!  What kind of word is that.  In Canada we call it the can. 

Don’t even get me started on Australian.  There are times that my friend Peter will say something to me and the only words I understand are the conjunctions and prepositions.

About Sam

Sam started Aude France as a companion site to her real estate site Aude France Property so that she could have a place to write about life in the Aude. Now that she's in Canada she writes about things that can affect owners and buyers in the Aude - or anything that strikes her fancy. On Pinterest you can find her by searching for Sam Mooney or clicking this link
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