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There are blogs and then there are BLOGS

Donald Crowdis has a BLOG. I discovered it today by following a link to his post “It Bothers Me That I Have To Go”.

We avoid talking about death, our own or the death of people we know and care about.  As we get older death becomes part of our lives and, hopefully, we learn to accept it.  Donald acknowledges that he’s going and that there are things he’s been putting off that now need to be done.

But this isn’t a post about death …

It’s about age and agelessness – and about how we live our lives.

Usually when I sit down to write the word flow, the ideas are ordered, the result makes sense, – at least to me.  After reading Don’s post (may I call you Don?) things are swirling in my brain, I’m jumping from one half-finished thought to the next.

Random thoughts inspired by “It Bothers Me That I Have To Go”

As an almost old person it gives me hope to discover a 93 year old who has embraced something new.  Hope for me.  I have such a strong need to feel that I’m learning and I want to believe that I’ll keep learning and keep trying new things.  Sometimes I worry though that I’ll just turn into some old lady surrounded by cats babbling on about how good it was when.  Don is definitely my choice for Poster Boy for This is Your Life, Live it.

Lately I’ve been thinking ‘I’m going to be 57 this year, that sounds so old.’  Don’s post made me think that maybe I have another 30 years to figure things out.

It made me think about the ‘invisible’ factor.  I noticed when I was in my mid-40s that I had become invisible.  People bumped into me on the sidewalk and didn’t even look up or apologize.  Salesclerks didn’t see me in line.  They just passed to the person behind me.  I assumed it was to do with being a middle-aged   woman.  Last year two male friends talked about becoming invisible.  It just happened a lot later, they were in their 60s.

In France I’m not invisible.  Is the disappearing old person a Canadian phenomenon or does it happen in other countries too?

It doesn’t matter how long your life is there’ll never be enough time to do all the things you want to do.  And it’s way too short to spend it doing things you hate.

When I’m Don’s age I’ll have been blogging for 40 years.  When my daughter is Don’s age she’ll have been blogging for 53 years.  She’ll probably be able to do it without going anywhere near a computer.  She’ll think it, a microchip will record it and transmit it to someone else’s microchip where it’ll be stored until that person is ready to access it.  (Yeah, right.  Like all the leisure time we were supposed to have because of technology.  Remember that from high school? )

Even though it can be a shit storm life is a pretty good place to be.

Thanks Don.

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  1. jim says:

    speaking of disappearing "oldies" have you seen "Cocoon"? It's a movie in which aliens from outer space come to earth to rescue some fellow aliens who got left behind on an earlier visit some 10,000 years before.

    they rent a boat which is tied up near an old folks home. they also rent a house which has an indoor pool where the "cocoons" containing their fellow aliens are stored. The pool has life-giving properties and 4 old guys from the home – seeing that the house was deserted and the door open – decided to swim in the pool. Amazingly they acquire new energy and life.

    The clima of the movie is a decision by the 4 oldies…which i won't give away.

    Suffice to say that this is a movie well worth renting, even if you've seen it before.

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