Re-doing a kitchen in the Aude?

Cheaper alternative to built-in and integrated refrigerators

Last week I saw a great built-in fridge.  One that you could do yourself if you’re an amateur cabinet maker.  If not you could have someone build it for you.  I’m positive that it’s be a lot cheaper than buying an integrated or built-in fridge.  (Why is there a d in fridge and not in refrigerator?  I have enough trouble spelling without these little challenges!)

Hardware and custom cabinets

I actually couldn’t find the fridge, kept looking around the kitchen for it, until someone pointed it out to me.  It was actually a fridge/freezer with two doors.  The freezer was on the bottom.  They were in a cupboard that had been made to match the kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

On the inside of each door there was a rail – a bit like the rail for a sliding door.  On the outside of the fridge door and of the freezer door  – at the non-hinge top edge, there was a disc that ran inside the rail on the cupboard door.  When you open the cupboard the fridge – or freezer – opens.  Very elegant solution.

I’m not sure where you’d get the hardware.  In France I’d try Tridome or Castorama.

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