Sunday in Limoux with Mom

My mother arrived yesterday for her first visit to this part of France.  She’s staying at Le Monastere in Limoux for two weeks as part of a group of 4 Canadian women.  It’s perfect because for two weeks she’ll be able to tour with someone really knowledgeable about the region and see all the things that someone visiting the Aude should see.

Staying with me while I’m working is sort of a rest cure in the back of beyond.  Not too exciting!


I  love the way the lichen on the bridge is the same colour as the  ad on the wall.  I have to admit I didn’t notice it when I took the picture.

Short walking tour of Limoux

This morning I went on the orientation walking tour.  Fancy name.  Really i went for a walk with my mother, the three other Canadian women, and Isobel from the hotel.  Isobel was showing them the highlights of Limoux and getting them oriented.

Here’s what I learned:

  • The original old Limoux is on the other side of the river, not the side where the main square and market are.
  • The new bridge is called Pont Vieux and the old bridge is called Pont Neuf.  The old, old bridge was destroyed, not sure how. 
  • The main square in Limoux was destroyed by fire which is why it doesn’t look like Mirepoix.
  • The psychiatric hospital in Limoux is the second largest in France.
  • The Piano Museum is in the grounds of the psychiatric hospital which, of course, begs the question "do you have to be crazy to go to a piano museum?"

Isobel is French and her English is terrific.  Lot’s of easy colloquialisms.  Not all of them politically correct.  She was telling us about the psych hospital and kept referring to the number of nut cases in Limoux.  The ‘ladies’ were doing little breath sucking and almost silent teeth clicking but no one said anything.  Maybe they though that nut case is the English translation of the French for psychiatric patient.  Maybe it is.


Mother in Limoux.

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