Decisions, decisions

I seem to be
having trouble with the big decisions today.  Should I go for a walk? Or a bike ride?  Or sew?  If I sew do I want to make shorts, or pajama bottoms, or a top?
Or do I really just want to sit outside and read?  It’s a gorgeous day.
Sunny, a bit of a breeze, no humidity, maybe about 20.  I could garden, lots of
weeding to do and I need to cut the roses so they’ll keep blooming.

Of course I could work.  I just upgraded my web design software and it does some great new things that I need to learn.  The learning curve gets steeper as I get older!  If I’m
going to learn something new today maybe I should be doing my French homework.
Learning hypothèse and the various tenses to use.  Maybe I can just always use
the present tense for everything.  Make sure I never communicate anything about
the past or the future.  At least, not in French.

There’s a vide grenier in Fabrezan, I could go to that.  I don’t really need anything and it’s
already 1.30, it’ll be crowded.  There’s a house I want to look at near Taurize.  It certainly wouldn’t be crowded.

Maybe step one is to brush my teeth and get dressed.  See where that takes me.

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