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A day in Toulouse

It’s always a challenge for me getting back to the auto route from the centre of Toulouse.  Yesterday I managed to find the right road and ended up at the right exit.  Last time I ended up about three exits east of where I wanted to be.  Slowly I’m figuring it out.

In the centre I relate everything to the Place du Capitole or to Place Wilson.  It may be time to look at the bigger picture. 

I love Toulouse.  On a good day – not too many pee stops – I can leave Montlaur and be at a cafe in the Place du Capitole in just less than 90 minutes.  Yesterday my brother and I went to the Saint Sernin Cathedral.  I hadn’t been inside before. It doesn’t have side chapels the way most cathedrals I’ve seen do.  All the gold leaf is in the apse.  Very impressive but also very gated.  Definitely kept – and still does – the rabble away from the good stuff.

The Saint Raymond Museum is just across the square from the Saint Sernin Cathedral so we went there too.  Wonderful Roman busts.

For me Toulouse is a city of squares. Place St George is one of my favourite places to stop for coffee or a drink.  Yesterday it was an ice cream break in the afternoon.  Best ice cream I’ve ever had.  Caramel au beurre sale.  It means caramel with salted butter.  Fabulous.

Thursday was a public holiday so a lot of people took Friday off as well.  It’s called ‘faire le pont’ literally, to make a bridge – take an extra day off to make a long weekend.  In France public holidays are observed on the actual date.  Not like Canada where they move them to the closest Monday. 

There’s another square I like, hidden in behind Monoprix.  I have no idea what it’s called and it’s a triangle rather than a square. The wall of one building looks like it was the wall of a temple.  Columns and a statue of a woman.

Yesterday the statue had been modified a tad.


Tomorrow I’m off to Barcelona with my brother.  He’s been here for the week and flies back to BC from Barcelona on Tuesday morning.  I’ll miss him.

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