Church on a hill in the Corbieres

This is where I want to live –

Have you ever driven past something for years and never noticed it?  And, once you do notice it, wonder how you have possibly missed it?

I must have driven past this church 93 times before I saw it.  In my defense, it doesn’t look like this from the road.  It’s on the top of a hill and is surrounded with cypress trees that obscure the building.

I noticed it one day this winter and have been meaning to go and look at it ever since.  Today I did.

My imagination is completely engaged –

I want this building.  I want to convert it. 


Of course I don’t know who owns it, or whether they want to sell it, or if I could get planning permission.  There’s no electricity and I didn’t see a well …


… and I don’t have any money to buy a church …


But these are just details.  In my mind, it’s already mine.


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