Driving to Geneva

Yesterday there was a full moon …

Are you expecting me to wax poetic about seeing the moon rise over the lake in Geneva?  Don’t.  It’s not that kind of post.

I had planned to get up early yesterday so that I could  drive the rest of the way to Geneva and arrive late in the morning.  My plan was to spend the day with a friend who had lived there for years.  He was going to show me around.  So much for plans.

I didn’t wake up until almost 10.30 am.  Slept through my alarm clock  – which I forgot in the hotel – and the alarm on my phone.  I called R to let him know that I was going to be significantly late and to say that he should do whatever he wanted, not to wait for me.  I was at least three hours away.

The drive was ok.  The washrooms (loos) that I stopped at each had something to recommend them.

It really is the little touches that make all the different.  Don’t you think?  Someone went to the trouble of picking wild flowers and putting them in a vase in this washroom in the service centre at an aire.


This one, in a picnic aire, confused me a tad when I opened the door.  Was it a toilet or a shower.  I hope it was a toilet.


Tunnels aren’t a favourite but this one was almost surreal.  A perfect demonstration of the vanishing point.

Things were going well, it was starting to look as if I’d at least have an afternoon in Geneva.  Checked my e-mail on my phone.  Saw one that had to be dealt with before I went gallivanting so decided that I would go to the hotel, check-in, deal with the e-mail, and then go to Geneva.

I was within about 15 km of the hotel when things started to go sideways.  I think I set the land record for most U turns in an hour and probably traveled about 65 km to go 15 km.  When I finally reached Archamps I couldn’t find the hotel.  More U turns.

Finally made it into Geneva and then couldn’t find the station!!!!  R had to talk me in.

And got lost on the way back to the hotel in Archamps after dinner.

I managed all this with a map and directions.  Anyone need a rally partner?  I’ll navigate.   

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  1. meggie says:

    hey, does this mean i get to mock you about directions now? that would be a fun turn of events.

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