6 hours in Geneva

Did I mention that it was about 7 pm when I finally arrived in Geneva on Wednesday?  And that R was understandably crabby but heroically restrained himself.  We were supposed to be meeting a friend for dinner at 7 but he had called and said that he was running late and wanted to have a massage before he did anything.  A massage sounded like heaven but there was to be no heaven for me.

We did walk past Heaven later in the evening but didn’t stop.

See the lake

We left the station and walked towards the Lake and the President Wilson Hotel where H was presumably enjoying a massage. 

The rain sped up our exploring considerably but I did manage a couple of photos.

After some delay which I spent in the bar at the Hotel President Wilson, all 5 people who were supposed to be having dinner managed to be in the same place at the same time  – 9 pm.  H wanted to go to a little cafe he had seen that served mezes.  R said we were in Geneva and should have fondue.  The rest of us said that we were so hungry that we’d be happy with McDonalds.

Off we set.  And failed completely to find the little cafe H had wanted to go to.
We saw a nice looking bar but didn’t go in.

Finally, at almost 10 pm we settled on a bar/restaurant about three minutes from where we stated at 9.  Yes, we had fondue.  Of course.  We were in Geneva.

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