An Afternoon in Narbonne

October is a beautiful time to visit Narbonne

Autumn is my favourite time of the year in the south of France.  The weather is usually perfect, restaurants and bars haven’t yet closed for the winter, it’s a perfect time for day trips.  I usually try to go to Narbonne this time of year.  And try not to go in the summer.

Canal de la Robine – Narbonne

Shopping for gifts and souvenirs from the south of France

I’m always looking for small things that I can take back to Canada as gifts so when I’m in Narbonne I always go to Accent d’Oc.  They have interesting confits, jams, and spreads, all made by them, using local products.  If you  haven’t been it’s worth a visit.  Keep it in mind for Christmas shopping.

Another good source of food gifts is Monoprix.  They have a Monoprix Gourmet range of products that are excellent and not terribly expensive.

I spent a very pleasant couple of hours wandering  around, looking in shop windows, and sitting at a cafe next to the cathedral.  A good way to spend an autumn afternoon in the Aude.






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